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About Us

Our mission at MetaOrganics® is to deliver Real, Naturally Occurring™ food supplements to the natural foods industry and eventually help to eliminate all synthetic materials. By combining traditional Eastern wisdom with the life-giving benefits of whole, truly natural vitamins and minerals, MetaOrganics® will contribute to shifting big Pharmas’ enormous influence to a new paradigm that focuses on the inherent power of 100% Naturally Occurring supplements.

Currently, most vitamin manufacturers use synthetic materials from pharmaceutical companies. These materials serve either as a starting material--grow type products that combine synthetic materials into a food matrix such as yeast and probiotics--or traditional vitamins that finish with the synthetic material and imply they are natural. They are not, because manufacturers add back foods such as bioflavonoids and food concentrates that “mimic” nature. These products fall under the category of "food based vitamins." Unfortunately, most customers believe that “food-based” means "coming from food".  

Reputable companies do admit that they are using synthetic vitamins as the starting material in this renaturing process. Unfortunately, most of these grow type companies are now marketing these products as 100% whole food. As a result, the natural foods industry is so crowded with convoluted vitamin sections no one—store owners, employees, or customers—can understand what 100% whole food really is.

But a shift is already moving the industry, stores, and most important, customers to a new understanding of 100% naturally Occurring supplements. MetaOrganics® is helping lead the way, and we appreciate the opportunity to offer you both Naturally Occurring™ supplements, and the work we are doing to create the final evolution of food supplements. 

Dr. Winfield Treadway


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